Just start somewhere — anywhere. Down a road you travel each day — what attracts your eye?  Sketch it in your mind. Sketch it on paper. Even if you're not aware, you will make choices about the view and the mood of the place. You will put down marks that are not only visual decisions but also automatic self marks.

So here I am in a place of knowing a few things about my direction and my path.  I have made enough marks to be able to look through my paintings, prints and even my landscape design layouts to observe my sense of style. I see  much pattern, active diagonals and a strong color palette.  There is an Asian influence, probably from my admiration of Japanese woodblock prints and Japanese gardens. My figurative work also explores activities such as floating or dancing, common themes in  my personal dreams.

My paintings, mixed media pieces and hand-pulled prints also deal with spacial concerns and in them I attempt to capture some of the non-western, generally the Japanese woodcut artist’s use of space. The placement of shapes enters the picture plain in a forceful manner, often ignoring the identity of the represented image for the sake of layout and pattern play.

And often the medium directs the outcome. Woodcuts are an example in printmaking. By way of the cuts made in the woodblock matrix and the rolling of ink on the relieved wood surface bold mark making is generally inevitable.

Also I look for new ways to use materials.  An example would be my latest mixed media works where I employ plaster after the traditional method of fresco. The plaster can be carved and it can be stained or brushed with pigment to achieve subtleties not available through other mediums.

Now back to the drawing board, or perhaps a ride down a side road.